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Our top-rated deep clean will give your home the extra love and care it deserves. This includes additional time scrubbing, dusting, and polishing, as well as additional checklist items. These include baseboards, ceiling fans, exteriors of cabinets/drawers, light fixtures, door frames, light switches, doorknobs, vents, and inside the microwave and stove. Like our other packages, our deep clean is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


A Locally Owned, Professional Cleaning Service Guaranteed to Make You Smile

We pride ourselves on not only bringing in the best, most experienced cleaning talent around to take care of your cleaning needs, but also on a guarantee of customer happiness. When you book with us, we work with you until you're satisfied with our cleaning services, or you don't pay.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

Each one of our cleaners have a minimum of three years cleaning experience and are background checked, insured, and bonded. In addition our cleaners are submitted to a rigorous screening before working with us - meaning your home is in good hands.

Comprehensive Cleaning Checklists

All of our cleaning packages are backed by extensive checklists available on our website. By adhering to these checklists, our cleaners are able to deliver a consistently exceptional service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Have had bad experiences with cleaning services in the past? We'll work to exceed those expectations and promise a free re-clean or refund of your money if you're still not happy with the service.

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Dozens of Happy Homeowners Use The Mop & Broom

"I am very skeptical on who I allow in my home and more so to clean, because I'm a neat freak and like things done correctly:
Found this company through a friend and I cannot say enough good things. They were thorough, efficient and did a great job. There wasn't anything I needed to go over after the personnel left. I'd recommend to family & friends - everyday!
Thank you so much for your stellar customer service as well!"

Circe L.

Fort Worth, Texas

"Best cleaning hands down! Our place was so clean and every little thing was thought of. They were so responsive and super friendly. Best bang for your buck. Can’t recommend them enough!"

Caroline W.

Dallas, Texas